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Budder, or budder wax, is a type of THC concentrate. It shouldn’t be confused with a cannabutter (a type of cooking ingredient) for making edibles.

Cannabis Budder is described as an amber-yellow/orange in colour and like the name suggests, closely resembles regular butter in texture. However, do keep in mind there are variations of the product and not all budder may looks the same. The appearance may vary depending on the starting material and the type of extraction method that is used. Other variations can be more crumbly with a bumpier texture.

The cannabis concentrate universe is seemingly complex, and budder falls into the wax category. Wax is an umbrella term for a variety of concentrates that possess a wax like texture.

Compared to other wax-like concentrates budder possesses a higher terpene profile. This allows budder to be more aromatic and flavourful compared to other wax concentrates. The combination of terpenes, cannabinoids, and of course THC makes budder the most popular variety of cannabis wax-like concentrates. Recently the cannabis industry has had incredible technological advancements have allowed for certain waxes to retain a high terpene profile while still preserving their high levels of THC.


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The result is that the market is now able to offer budder with over 80% THC that are extremely flavourful because the creators were able to preserve the terpene profiles during the concentrate making stage.

Budder is easily manipulated by the dabber which is another reason why it is loved by patients. Fully liquid concentrates tend to be more tedious to use (manipulation-wise), white others like shatter tend to break off too hard and fly away. Budder, however is like a creamy-wax and is easy to handle around with a dabber.

Budder’s creation process is somewhat complicated and requires a lot of advanced equipment and know how. The process is also somewhat risky as it involves flammable solvents like butane.

The process starts when cannabis buds are taken and ground into a very fine particles. They are then placed into a specialized elongated tube. The particles are then drenched in either butane, propane, or CO2. Then using pressure the cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from the plant matter and attached to the solvent. Butane is considered the perfect solvent for buttery consistency.

The next step is to put the solvent into an air tight container and using heat remove the solvent leaving only the cannabis compounds. Using the proper equipment the end result should produce 99.6% budder.

You may have seen numerous posts and articles that suggest sprinkling your budder on joins or into your bowl. Don’t do this. Budder is expensive and we consider the aforementioned to be a waste of good product.


There are only two proper ways to consumer budder. You can either use a dab rig, or a vaporizer. However, keep in mind that only premium vapes have the option and ability to properly vaporize budder (and other wax-like concentrates). Although these gadgets are considered expensive, we highly recommend you make the investment if you’re plan is to continue using concentrates on a regular basis.

When dabbing budder the main thing to focus on is the temperature. Since budder retains a high terpene profile any excessive heat will burn and destroy the molecules and you will not be able to enjoy the taste. To give you an idea, try not to exceed 155 degrees celsius. Anything above will cause deterioration and burning of the terpene flavours. If you are looking to fully explore the psychoactive potential of your budder, you can heat up your rig all the way up to 315 degrees celsius.

At such a high temperature consumers must beware that the budder may combust and the vapour with smoke tends to be harsh on the lungs. Expect a serious coughing fit will follow.

If you’re using a dab rig its recommended to have an electronic nail. This allows users to fine tune the desired temperature and allows for a much more pleasurable dabbing experience.

Budder is one of many forms of marijuana concentrates. For a long time the cannabis concentrate community desired only a high THC product. As of lately, users want to experience a more aromatic and flavourful product and their interests have shifted to terpenes.

Generally concentrates tend to have a self life of about a year. To preserve your budder, we highly recommend keeping it in an air tight container and in a cool place. Open air is the enemy of budder and will cause it to deteriorate and lose potency over time. We highly recommended to keep budder away from heat and light and moisture until it is ready to be consumed.