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Hash is a cannabis concentrate that is produced by pressing together cannabis plant resin glands to form a brick like slab. Online Hash can be found in a number of colour variations including brown, greenish khaki, or a sandy brown.

Hash or hashish for long, is a marijuana concentrate that is typically inhaled or smoked. There are a few ways to make hash but the main steps are removing the cannabis lands and pressing them repeatedly to produce a hardened and solid piece. Hash is arguable the oldest form of cannabis concentrates, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

Using today’s modern methods hash is created by taking a fine mesh and physically sifting and separating the trichomes from the plant material. There are different mesh densities used to get the trichomes to the desired purity. The result is called kief, and th kerf is then pressed and prepared into hash bars, slabs, and bricks.

Hash holds the title for being the original cannabis concentrate. The trichome glands that make up the hash, house a lot of beneficial compounds that is available in the cannabis plant. All of the compounds work together and provide numerous positive effects. Hash and rosin share a similarity since they both do not use solvents in their creation process.

Hash effects are more stronger than smoking regular cannabis because the concentration of cannabinoids is much higher and tends to have a potency range between 40-80 percent. The potency all depends on the starting material and the equipment used to produce the hash.

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The most common form of hash consumption is smoking. You can either smoke hash by itself or you can combine it with flower. Simply sprinkle it on top of your bowl and spark it up. You can also smoke hash by adding it to your joint. If the hash is crumbly sparkle some before you roll the join up. However, if the hash is more sticky, heat it up using the warmth of your hands and evenly spread it on the base of the paper. We dont recommend smoking hash by itself as it doesn’t tend to burn well.

Another popular method of smoking hash is called ‘hot-knifing’, but we recommend the much more cleaner and safer alternative – dabbing. Dabbing is a method for consuming concentrates and extracts. To dab, users need s bong like apparatus thats specifically made for the dabbing occasion and a ‘nail’ which is a piece of glass piece that can withhold intense heat. To dab hash, users must heat up the nail to the desired temperature and and using a dabber tool, drop the hash into the nail. Then simply inhale and enjoy.

Different varieties of hash will act differently when vaporized. Some will leave no trace of residue, while others wont completely melt. We recommend using screens in order to keep your equipment from being soiled. If your dab rigs does get messy there plenty of cleaning solutions available to get your equipment into tip top shape.

You may have read that eating hash is also an option, but we recommend you stray from doing that. There are plenty of edible available on the market today. The edible route is much tastier and are easier to dose than just eating has by itself. If you do want to journey down this path, the effects tend to be overpowering and very intense. Users who have ingested hash describe the experience to be very intense and psychotropic. The high lasts for hours.

If the product is properly stores, hash can potentially have a long shelf life. The keif itself can last for years if properly stored, however the rate of degradation tends to increase once that keif is pressed into hash. Oxygen, moisture, and open air speed up the deterioration process.

To this day hash is a very popular method of cannabis consumption. Products on the market range from old world pressed varieties to new methods that may produce a stronger product. Dabbing has cause a huge increase in the demand for cannabis concentrates, and hash still continues to be a top choice for many.