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When heat and pressure are applied to the cannabis plant the resulting concentrate is called Rosin. The rosin extract technique is highly desirable due to the fact that no external solvents are used giving it a more natural and ‘cleaner’ appeal.

Rosin is a solvent-less extract that only uses heat and pressure to force the compound within the trichome glands out of the cannabis plant. The trichome glands are where all of the THCA, terpenes, and other cannabinoids are located. Think of squeezing juice from oranges & grapes, or oil from olives. The end results are similar to butane hash oil, but it’s created without the harmful chemicals.

Rosin extraction process is a great alternative to the current concentrate extraction system that is still used to this day. This closed-loop extraction system is very time consuming, requires a lot of technical training, and a heavy monetary investment into the right equipment.

In recent years rosin has become a staple for the medical marijuana community largely due to the fast that there are not external solvents used that can interfere with the patients treatment.

Rosin tends to have a higher THCA concentration and should be consumed carefully. The process of making rosin is considered to be safer than any other concentrate. Only temperature and pressure are used during the extraction process and the application of either will tend to dictate the colour and consistency of the finished product. Rosin can be found as a shatter, wax, budder, and taffy.

The starting material for rosin can vary, and in turn will determine the end product that is produced. For example if cannabis buds are used at the start of the process users will often find a layer of ‘burnt’ flavour when the rosin is consumed. This is because there is plant material that is also squeezed out during the extraction process.


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Rosin that is made from kief tends to add an extra step to the process but will also produce a cleaner end product. This is because the trichomes are separated from the buds before they are exposed to heat and pressure.

The potency of rosin, like any other cannabis concentrate, largely varies on the starting materials used. Just as important as the starting material is the quality of the sifts used in the extraction process. These two factors determine the quality and concentration of the rosin. Typically rosin’s cannabinoid concentration is around 70 percent, but has the potential to reach the 80s.

Live rosin is also a variety of rosin that is highly sought after. This type of process produces a product that retains a high level of cannabinoids and terpenes. Fresh cannabis buds are frozen right after they are harvested. The process then applies the same combination of heat and pressure to give a very flavourful and aromatic end product.

There is only two ways to consume rosin, you have a choice of either using a dab rig or a vaporizer. Remember that if you choose to go with a vaporizer only the high end vapes will have the ability to properly vaporize rosin. If you are going to be enjoying rosin or other concentrates on a regular basis we recommend that you invest in a high quality product for the most enjoyable experience.

When dabbing rosin you need to focus on the temperature setting. A lower temperature will allow you to fully experience the favour of the terpenes. Because rosin retains a lot of the terpenes during the extraction process, using high heat while dabbing will burn off any of those retained flavours. We recommend investing in an electric nail. This will allow you to set the desired temperature and you can rest assured that you wont burn the rosin or the terpenes. To give you an idea, try not to exceed 155 degrees celsius. Anything above will cause deterioration and burning of the terpene flavours. If you are looking to fully explore the psychoactive potential of your budder, you can heat up your rig all the way up to 315 degrees celsius.

To properly store rosin we recommend using a small air tight glass jar. Keep the jar of rosin in a cool dry place, this will slow down any deterioration of your rosin. Open air, heat, and moisture are the enemy of rosin and will cause the rosin to lose potency over time. If you plan on storing your rosin for a prolonged period of time, we recommend moving it to the freezer.