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Shatter Pens – Everything You Need Know

Wax vaporizers that range from simple dab pen to large units have been recently gaining increasing popularity with the growing demand for cannabis products. Not too long ago, very few people knew about these exciting gadgets but today the industry is booming with more and more products available to users. A large number of uses are realizing the benefits and health advantages associated with the use of shatter pens. These gadgets help smokers stay away from the dangers of carcinogens while being able to enjoy their favorite material. 

Due to the increasing popularity of these devices, a large selection is currently available in the market. This makes it difficult to find the perfect device that meets your needs. Here, at Wholesale Shatter, we offer an extensive selection of shatter pens featuring the latest technology to help you find the right gadget that enhances your concentrate experience.

What is a Shatter Pen?

A shatter pen is a portable, discreet, rechargeable, battery-operated device used mainly to vaporize shatter. These vaporizers generally have dual usage functionality so they can accommodate vaping of a mixture of materials like liquids and herbs. The materials use the same chamber but different pods. You can also find vape pens that allow changing the chamber to accommodate different materials. The primary difference between a shatter pen and other vaping devices is the heating chamber. These atomizers are specifically designed to be used with concentrates and come with a high heating point. 

How Does a Shatter Pen Work?

A shatter pen typically consists of a mouthpiece, a battery and a heating coil. Here are the functions of these components:

  • Heating Coil – This is where the vaporization takes place. Shatter is placed inside the chamber and on the top of the heating coil. A variety of coils are found inside the chamber of these devices and they are responsible for the heating of the concentrates.
  • Battery – Just like dry herb vape pens, shatter pens have a battery that power the heating coil.
  • Mouthpiece – While it does nothing special, a mouthpiece simply gives a nice feel to your lips when you vape the material. The tip comes in different sizes to give you varying airflow when using the shatter pen.

To use the shatter pen, you place the shatter into the heating chamber. When powered by the battery, the chamber heats up the wick. Heating to specific temperature, the shatter is vaporized, leaving behind nothing. The first step to using a shatter pen is to make sure the battery is charged. Then, load the chamber with grain size of shatter and set the temperature. Then inhale in a steady puff.

How to Smoke Shatter

A lot of people ask ‘how to use shatter?’ or ‘how to vape shatter?’ This is a question that even experienced cannabis users would have. Looking at the growing popularity of concentrates, it can be said that vaping shatter is a trend that is here to stay. This means it is natural to devise a convenient, easier method of consumption. Here are some of the traditional ways used to consume shatter.

Dab Tool

It is a long tool made of metal or glass and used to apply dab into the rig after heating.

Blow Torch

These are torches used to heat the material to produce vapor.


They are heating devices for shatter run on electronic power and made out of metal.

Water pipes

These devices can be acquired separately or as part of an attachment that converts any dry herb tool into a dab rig.

As the vaping industry progresses, new and new portable vaping devices are being introduced into the market and the shatter pen is one of the most popular ones.

Smoking Shatter in a Vape Pen

Here is the step-by-step guide to using shatter with a vape pen.

Select the concentrate – Shatter pens in Canada are popular mainly because of their versatility as much as the smoking experience they deliver. You just need to make sure you select the device for the material you want to enjoy. A dab pen is a versatile tool that you can easily use with any dry herb or concentrate. Shatter is one of the most beautiful and potent concentrates available and this is why a lot of people opt for this substance from all the options they have.

Fill the chamber – After you have selected your shatter for smoking, you can fill it in the chamber. On opening the pen’s chamber area, you will see a space dedicated to concentrates. You can easily scrap a small amount of your extract with the help of a dabbing tool and load the chamber. Remember not to touch the substance with your hands.

Prime the chamber – When you have loaded the chamber, you can start taking instant hits. However, most users prime the wick before beginning. Those who are looking for a potent experience with big clouds of vapor prefer this technique. To do this, you hold the button for a few seconds after loading the chamber. This would prime the wick and melt the material that surrounds the heating element before you actually start inhaling.

Inhale – When you press the button, the heating coil gets heated up. Now you can take a long pull of the mouthpiece and enjoy the delicious vapor. If your vape pen allows, you can change the heat settings to customize the experience. A low temperature would provide smooth, tasty inhales while higher temperatures often produce harsh vapor. The right temperature depends on the shatter you are using.

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Using Shatter in a Vape Pen

It can often be difficult for most people to learn how to vape shatter with a dab pen. With the increasing popularity of marijuana products in recent years, it is no surprise that users find a lot of options for a vaporizer. Those who like using dry herbs can now choose from many options rather than having to rely on glass pipe or blunts. They can explore the wide variety of portable vaporizers available in the market and get the one that works the best for them.

Concentrates like shatter don’t lag behind. There is so much new in terms of how these products are consumed. Consumers, today, have the opportunity to enjoy a unique vaping experience with so many exciting accessories like wax pens, shatter pen and dab pens available in the market.

Cleaning the Vape Pen After Using Shatter

When you use your vape pen with shatter, the coil gets clogged up and you will find it sticky. This is the time to clean the device. To do this, you should first detach the chamber, battery and mouthpiece from one another. Then, you can clean the mouthpiece easily by wiping it. Cleaning the chamber is somewhat tricky because it has the heating element. To clean this component, you can use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to wipe the inside of the chamber. Make sure you remove all the residue you find in the tank. Also, ensure that you don’t put additional pressure on the coil as it can get damaged.