Wholesale Shatter Canada

WholeSale Shatter is a trusted source of shatter in Canada. Here, we offer wholesale shatter in premium quality made by expert craftsmen to provide optimum potency in precise doses. Shop for your favorite shatter online and get the glassy, crystalline cannabis concentrate delivered discreetly and safely to your doorstep.

With offerings like King Kush, Kosher Kush, Xtreme Kush and other strains of Indica shatter, Wholesale Shatter has positioned itself as one of the leading suppliers renowned for the production of shatter and concentrates. Industry experts, recreational users and medical patients agree with the fact that shatter, with its amber glass transparency, is the most potent and purest form of cannabis concentrates. However, most people don’t yet know that its production demands special skills. WholeSale Shatter offers you carefully crafted extracts created out of a balance between art and science.

What is Shatter?

Butane Hash Oil or Shatter features a glass-like, translucent appearance and is more potent than normal weed. With a higher concentration of THC, the component responsible for euphoric high, shatter contains some unique terpenes that give it the flavor, color and aroma. It has the highest amount of terpene, the compound that enhances the high quality of cannabis. Such a unique structure makes it one of the most sought-after and popular cannabis concentrates among both medical and recreational users.

This weed concentrate gets its glass-like appearance due to molecules which go untouched during the extraction process. High-quality raw material is processed using solvent extraction involving butane or other types of solvents. What makes shatter different from other marijuana concentrates is the further filtration process it goes through to remove waxes and fats. The entire process results in a pure, clean, potent shatter.

Shatter can contain up to 90 percent cannabinoids due to the special process used to extract it. Some shatter products may only contain THC or CBD. Those extracts with higher contents of THC are better suitable for users interested in an intense high effect from their cannabis product. Due to the more potent, concentrated form, this compound is often considered to be more effective at reducing pain and treating various medical conditions as compared to traditional marijuana flower.

Shatter Vs. Wax – Is There Any Difference?

Both shatter and wax are Butane Hash Oil concentrates starting off as amber liquid resulting from extraction using butane. Both these concentrates have almost similar THC potency and both can be used for dabbing. They both provide a long-lasting, powerful high that most users desire. The only difference when it comes to shatter vs. wax is their appearance. The appearance comes from the method used to make the product. Here are some of the differences you should consider:

  • Wax is easier to produce while shatter can be a little difficult to make
  • Wax is less stable as compared to shatter
  • Wax tends to degrade faster while shatter lasts longer
  • Wax is generally easier to handle, use and measure as compared to shatter. This is because wax has a coconut oil-like consistency and shatter has a brittle nature.

Talking about choosing shatter vs wax, it comes down to trying both for yourself to see what suits you better. Concentrates like shatter and wax are definitely an amazing addition to your cannabis arsenal.


How to Use Shatter?

Shatter can be used in numerous different ways. Those who are new to this form of concentrate can try using it with weed when smoking on a joint or pipe bowl. When you start with such a consumption method, it becomes easy to identify how much of the compound delivers the desired effects. On the other hand, experienced weed users prefer making use of a vaporizer or dab rig to take their daily dose of shatter wax. You can heat your material in a rig and dab the desired quantity for smoking. Shatter pens are specifically designed for wax or oil concentrates, allowing consumers to get a more complete flavor without having to combust anything. This method is known to be perfect for inhalation of the material. If you are interested in getting shatter online in Canada, Wholesale Shatter offers an amazing selection of products to provide you the experience you are looking for.

Why Choose WholeSale Shatter?

The shatter we sell here at is produced by experts with extensive experience in this weed concentrate. We use only pure, organic, pesticide-free marijuana from licensed local growers. Our carefully-refined extracts guarantee a clean flavor and lasting, intense potency that you can trust. The purity of this concentrate depends largely on the quality of the filtration process used. It also depends on the quality of raw material. In order to make sure that our customers get the purest form of shatter available in Canada, we work closely with our suppliers. We offer plenty of options to choose from. They are available in varying strengths, doses, aromas and flavors. We offer pharmaceutical-grade Sativa and Indica shatters and hybrid concentrates to meet varying demands of consumers.

We are one of the best suppliers of cheap wholesale shatter in Canada and deliver across the country. We believe that the privacy, satisfaction and convenience of our customers are highly important to us. This is why we provide a simple and fast buying process. You can order bulk shatter from your home or dispensary anywhere in Canada. As soon as you place your order, we process it and ensure that you get your shatter in discreet packaging at the earliest possible. Whether you are interested in buying shatter retail or wholesale, we provide only the finest weed at the best prices!

Different Ways to Use Shatter

Various types of cannabis concentrates including shatter are often called ‘dabs’ because the most preferred way to use them is with the help of a dab rig. While you can always use the traditional dab rig method to consume your shatter, there are some newer ways you can try.


With this method, you vaporize the concentrate on a heated surface and inhale the vapors with the help of a dab rig which is a type of specialized pipe. The surface or nail is generally heated to upto 400 degrees Celcius with the help of a blowtorch. You can also control the nail electronically. Dab rigs are designed in a special way with water filter component just like a regular bong and come with additional features to let you customize the experience.


Vaporization devices come in a huge variety with different features and prices. A majority of portable vaporizers don’t work with solvent-based extracts such as shatter but newer, advanced models allow vaping kief, flower and different types of concentrates including shatter. Vaporizing this concentrate is a great way to enjoy the benefits and flavor of shatter while staying safe against any adverse effects coming from smoking. However, it is important to choose a high-quality vaporizer to get the desired experience. Some low-quality models don’t heat up the concentrate well and produce poor-quality flavor and hits.

Using Flower

Using shatter with a joint, blunt or bowl is one of the most convenient ways. You can simply add small pieces of the concentrate to your flower and avoid getting any specialized device. However, you should know that mixing it with flower will mask the extract’s flavor and is not the best choice for anybody interested in enjoying the unique taste of the concentrate.

Hash Pipes

Traditionally used to smoke kief and hash, these pipes provide a convenient, efficient way to enjoy the pure taste of the material. Newer hash pipes are designed to work with solvent-based extracts such as shatter. This type of device is the most cost-effective option for somebody who wants to experience the extract without investing in specialized gear.

How is Shatter Made?

It is a solvent-based weed extract that makes use of butane to separate trichomes from the buds and trimmings. Shatter is a type of BHO and it is made by using a solvent to concentrate the components of the plant like terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes are glass-like crystals present on the marijuana plant and they consist of beneficial components like THC, terpenes and cannabinoids in the highest amounts. Shatter and other concentrates are generally made by concentrating trichomes.

Shatter in Canada is produced using a relatively easy method. It is made by soaking the weed buds and trimming them with the help of liquefied solvent to separate trichomes. The mixture that is obtained is then heated to remove the solvent from it. This mixture is then allowed to rest so that it settles and makes a thin sheet of shatter extract.

Most other concentrates including waxes and budders are often shaken or whipped during the stages of the production process. This results in a final product that is milky and even creamy in texture. However, shatter is not shaken during the process and hence it has a translucent appearance. It should be noted that the texture of the product has nothing to do with its purity as the purity depends on the quality of the cannabis used and the removal of solvent from it. When you buy shatter online in Canada, you can verify its potency and purity by checking the certificate of analysis that suggests the presence of any residual solvent or other chemicals.


Benefits of Using Shatter

Shatter gives recreational and medicinal cannabis users a new way to use their supplement. As it is made with the help of butane, it is more potent than any other form of weed. It contains about 90 percent of THC extracted from the plant. People looking for a highly potent drug for recreation can get the perfect experience with this extract. Those who are suffering from acute symptoms or serious illnesses would also want a potent drug that delivers instant and long-lasting relief. Another benefit of this extract is that it can be more stable and last longer. With such a high concentration of cannabinoids, you can expect a strong hit instantly when you start inhaling from a hash pipe, vaporizer or dab rig loaded with shatter. This means it can deliver immediate, powerful relief from symptoms like pain and anxiety when needed.

Is Shatter Safe?

Though shatter is considered to be one of the most potent and powerful forms of weed, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the world of dabbing. Some users might be excited about trying this new way of experiencing the cannabis benefits while others might be skeptical about how they are produced and consumed and their potency. The production method is one of the biggest concerns about these extracts because butane is a highly flammable and volatile substance. Shatter production involves heating to remove the chemicals from the extract. Reputed manufacturers involved in making high-quality shatter in Canada possess specialized equipment to handle butane. But some other less-experienced people try to make this extract at home, resulting in explosions that caused injuries and even death. So, you should never try to make shatter at home and only buy it from licensed producers.

Another concern about shatter is its potency. A marijuana flower contains about 15 percent of cannabinoids while concentrates like shatter have up to 80 percent concentration of cannabinoids and THC. Though it is not possible to overdose fatally from weed, it is easier to end up taking a lot of the extract and getting unwanted effects. This means it is important to take care of dosing when you use concentrates to avail the benefits of cannabis.

Lastly, people are also confused about the best way to consume BHOs. While some believe that dab rigs are the way to go, others are curious about the new ways and their effects. These concerns make it difficult to predict the safety of the compound. However, if you want to give it a try, you can buy online shatter in Canada from a reliable seller. For this, go through guides that explain you how you can dose and consume it safely.

Shatter 101

Shatter is a marijuana extract – this type of cannabis concentrate is created by extracting the plants essential oil that contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.The term shatter specifically refers to a glass like, brittle cannabis extract that has a tendency to easily break during handling.

Cannabis extracts are created by thoroughly grounding fresh or cured marijuana materials and passing a solvent like CO2, hexane, butane, or isopropyl through said materials. Afterwards the solvent is absolved from the shatter oil using a vacuum chamber and heat. The resulting concentrate is then processed into shatter.

Shatter is typically translucent but the colouring usually ranges from a bright honey like amber to a darker tint like olive oil. Visually all products of shatter will appear to have the same consistency however, the physical texture will vary from each product. Some products are extremely brittle while other products tend to have a taffy-like pull consistency.

The reason why shatter is a semi-clear has to do with the molecules in the extracted cannabis oil. In shatter these molecules are stacked out nice and neat on top of each other. This alignments allows light to pass though the extract and gives shatter the glass like properties. Heat, moisture and terpene content can affect the texture and extraction which may turn the oils into a sappier consistency but that will retain it’s translucent appearance.

The brittle glass like consistency comes from the higher levels of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), where in comparison a product with higher levels of THC will tend to have a sappy consistency.

Like resin, wax and other extracts shatter is best consumed when dabbed (turned into a vapour). The potency of extracts usually ranges from 50-90 percent cannabinoids by weight. Shatter is a fast, efficient, and clean way to consume cannabis.

Shatter is known to always boast high levels of THC, but you can find variations of the product to carry a high CBD (cannabidiol) level instead. CBD shatter is generally used by patients who are looking for medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the ‘high’ effect that you would get from THC. Since CBD shatter contains a very concentrated and potent dose of CBD it is recommended as an excellent option for medical patients and anyone who is looking to benefit from CBD shatter.

As previously stated, shatter is best consumed when vaporized aka dabbed – like the saying goes all shatter can be dabbed but not all dabs are shatter. Dabbing has become a popular method of extract consumption. In order to dab, you’ll need a ‘dab rig’ which is generally a specialized small bong, and a ‘nail’ which is an attachment that is designed to withstand high temperatures.

First you’ll need to preheat the nail with a small propane or butane torch until it reaches your preferred temperature. Scoop a little bit of shatter on the end of your dabber and then drop it into the nail. When the shatter comes into contact with the nail it will vaporize instantly. Drop a cap over the top of the nail and inhale.

We recommend going to a lower temperature if you want to experience the flavourful terpene profile. This method wont get you as high and is used when consumers want to enjoy the flavour and taste of their shatter. However, if your goal is to get high quick, go ahead and heat that nail and have a safe flight.

Dabbing shatter does offer a more potent high and higher THC levels than smoking a join. Like smoking, the results are instantaneous. We highly suggest you start with a small dose and work your way up to a high that is comfortable for you. Overconsumption of shatter could cause adverse side effects like paranoia, anxiety, and increased stress.

The main benefit that shatter produces when dabbed is that it offers an incredibly fast method for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream offering near instantaneous effects. Dabbing shatter also means that instead of inhaling large amounts of smoke you’re inhaling only vapour. So instead of smoking an entire join, patients can dab once or twice and produce the same, if not cleaner, effects.

Ensure that your shatter is stored properly. That means you should have it in an airtight and lightproof container and stored away in a cool place. This will prevent the shatter from losing its initial consistency, potency, and flavour. Always remember that heat is shatters worst enemy. Heat causes the cannabinoids and terpenes to activate, which is only ideal when the shatter is consumed and not when it’s stored.

Shatter is also considered more stable than wax or other similar extracts, so it has a tendency to have a longer shelf life. If you do find the consistency harder to work with, we recommend lightly heating up your dabber before using it to break off and handle the shatter.